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Account registration is not required to submit a support ticket. You will be able to track and reply to tickets directly via email. However, if you want to easily look up this message in the future and view the history of all your submitted tickets anytime, please register/login before posting your ticket(s).

Tickets will be answered in the order they are received and based on the following user type/priority level:

1) Support Plan & Cart License Holders

2) Plugin Purchasers

3) Registered "Free Cart" Users

For fastest response, please submit the ticket from the same email account you purchased your support plan or license under and/or include your cart/plugin serial number with your ticket submission details.

Important: For security reasons, you cannot paste any content into the editor window except text content. If you need to include an image, use the upload feature.

If you submit a ticket and do not get directed to the confirmation (ticket accepted/success) page, the ticket was not accepted and you probably tried to paste some content into the editor window which was rejected by our security filters. Only tickets that receive a confirmation (success page) are valid tickets.

Please do not include server login credentials such as FTP, cpanel or RDP in the subject line. Only include credentials in the ticket content/message body below (if required).
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