Cart Update Posted On March 19, 2018 - Google reCAPTCHA Ver2

We have released an interim cart upgrade to address the impending shutdown of Google reCaptcha ver 1 by Google on March 31st.

This upgrade will convert all Site Store Pro installs ending in "i" (i.e. 2.1705-i) to Google reCaptcha version 2. The changes affects the password retrieval page, the account registration page, the testimonials submission page, the product review submission form, the contact form and the tell-a-friend form. Download the file below and then upload the 'sitestorepro' folder up to your install(s) so that the upload (FTP) process overwrites the files already located on your server with the same file names. Note: this update will not affect any design elements on the installations and is a core code update only. Products displays, CSS formattting, form fields and all other front-end elements will not be affected by applying this interim patch. If your version of Site Store Pro is prior to January 2015 (does not end with an "i"), please contact support via submitting a support ticket to schedule an upgrade of your store(s) since the upgrade process for stores prior to January 2015 is more complicated. We have already updated the full version downloads so any new installations or upgrades from the install download files will already contain this patch. If you don't know your Site Store Pro shopping cart version, login to your web-based admin area and your cart version number is listed in the footer. If you need assistance upgrading your Site Store Pro shopping cart installation(s), please submit a support ticket.