Add New Store Administrator

To add new store administrators or edit/delete existing admin login account, login with a MASTER store administrator account, click on ‘Store Setup’ > ‘Admin Options’ > Manage Web-Based Admin Users

There are 4 different security access levels for admin login accounts:




Master: Complete Control Over Store Administration, Can Add New Admins


Store Admin: Complete Control Over Store Administration, Can NOT Add New Admins


Order Processor: Can Only Process Orders, Cannot Add New Products Or Store Content


Read-Only: Read Only - Cannot Add Or Change Any Content Or Process Orders



To create a new Store Administrator account,  click on the ‘(+) Add New Administrator Account link’

Below is a screen shot for the ‘Add New Administrator Account’ form:


To remove or edit an admin account, click on the record on the ‘Manage Web-Based Admin Users’. After the login account details page loads, choose either to ‘Update’ (edit) or ‘Delete’ the account.

Below is a screen shot of the Admin Login Account  Details Page: