Cross-Selling Overview

“Cross-Selling” is a powerful merchandizing tool to increase sales on your store.

Cross selling gives the store administrator the ability to associate another item or groups of other items to a specific product to upsell or cross sell more products to the customer.

Cross-selling or “You also might be interested in these other products” associations increase sales by presenting similar or complimentary items to the shopper when they are viewing or purchasing a product on the store.

Site Store Pro supports the following two (2) types of cross-selling merchandizing:

1) Item View Cross-Selling :  Item view cross-selling will show an UNLIMITED number of associated items on the SAME page as the item detail’s page. This method is best used to UPSELL a customer on similar items.

2) After “Add-to-Cart” Cross-Selling: After ‘Add-To-Cart’ cross-selling will show a list of associated items after the user adds a specific item to their shopping cart but BEFORE the shopping cart page is displayed. This method is best used to sell complimentary products or add-ons to a specific product.


Cross-selling associations are done AFTER adding an item to the system. Products must be already added to the system to be associated with an item for cross-selling. However, you may add or remove cross-selling associations for an item at anytime.

A Cross-selling association for an item is done through the product manager in the web-based admin and is accessed on the tab bar when editing a product.