To add a new product or event to your online store,  you must login to the web-based admin system at /estore_admin/default.php. Once you are logged in, click on the ‘Products’ Tab and then ‘(+) Add New Product | Event’ link.

Note: When adding products (items) for the 1st time, you must add at least one (1) brand and one (1) main category to the system before adding the actual item. If you have not added at least one brand and one main category, you will be automatically redirected to the brands or main category page to fix the issue. If you will only be adding your own items to the online store, simply set your company name as the one required brand (manufacturer).

Item Add Form Screen Shot:

The following fields are required when adding an item to the store:



When adding an item you should always verify/select if the item will be shippable and if sales tax should be charged for the item. (If ‘Yes’ is selected on ‘Charge Shipping For This Item?’, a weight value besides zero must be entered or the item will not be calculated in the shipping total)

After adding an item through the store, it will not be “live” until an image (picture) is uploaded and set to appear in search results and the item is set to active (turned on).