Downloadable Items & On-Demand Digital Media

Site Store Pro includes a complete downloadable item system.

Using the Site Store Pro downloadable item feature, you can sell music, videos, eBooks, software and any other digital media format.

Common file formats that are offered as downloadable files are:

·         Software Installers (MSI, EXE, etc)

·         Zip Files

·         PDF Files

·         MP3s

·         Windows Media Files

·         Microsoft Word Documents

·         Power Point Presentations

The Site Store Pro download system operates as follows:

1)     Admin Adds Product To System In Web-Based Admin

2)     Admin Sets Item As Downloadable and Uploads Download File in Web-based Admin

3)     Customer Purchases Downloadable Item From Online Store

4)     Customer can INSTANTLY download item from their ACCOUNT MANAGER

5)     Customer also receives Order Confirmation Email with Account Manager login information to download item in the future

6)     Customer download(s) are tracked and item download is disabled when customer reaches limit

7)     Item Download Is Disabled When Expiration Date of Download Is Reached

Note: Uploading a replacement file for a downloadable item in the web-based admin will automatically update ALL orders for customers who have previously purchased that item. This is a useful feature for software vendors who release updated versions on a periodic basis. The customer only needs to login to their account manager and download the file again to receive the most recent release version.

If you want to provide a new item or force customers to purchase the product again to get the “new” version of the download file, you should add a new product via the web-based admin system.

Site Store Pro also supports having the on-demand movie playing for digital media such as FLV and MP3 files. This functionality is not included with the default configuration of Site Store Pro but can be quickly added to an installation that requires customers to watch files instead of downloading them to their desktop.