Edit The Dreamweaver DWT Files To Match Your Design Requirements

Site Store Pro includes Dreamweaver template (dwt) files to simplify design modification and site updates for Dreamweaver users. The Dreamweaver template files will automatically update the demo store design if modified in the Dreamweaver design environment.  For detailed information on using .DWT files, please consult your Dreamweaver help system. The following Dreamweaver Template files are included with Site Store Pro and located in the /templates/ directory:
  • main_store.dwt > Updates root website pages, store catalog and product display files in the /store/ folder
  • shopping_cart_store.dwt > Updates the shopping cart display page. (/store/shopping_cart.php)
  • checkout_store.dwt > Updates the store checkout pages in the /checkout/ folder
  • myaccount_store.dwt > Updates the account registration page and my account pages in the /myaccount/ folder
When modifying the site files using the included Dreamweaver DWT template files, DO NOT rename or remove the editable region called ‘MainBody’. The MainBody editable region is located between the <!—Main Content Start--> … <!--Main Content End--> html comment tags and contains the primary content for the page. Renaming or removing the MainBody editable region will break the Dreamweaver template auto-update process and could render your shopping cart inoperable. Also, when editing the template files in Dreamweaver with your own design, use caution not to accidently delete the CSS file includes that are already attached to the page.  If your site design requires additional CSS include files, simply add them to the page but do not remove the existing CSS links. After modifying a .dwt file in Dreamweaver, you must save the file, allow the “update” process to complete and then upload the changed (updated) files to your webserver. You are not required to upload the actual .dwt (template) file to your website. You only need to upload the files that are "updated" after editing the .dwt template file(s). If you do not see the template ‘update” process after saving an edited Dreamweaver dwt file, then your Site Definition is not setup correctly or your Site Cache needs to be rebuilt. Consult the Dreamweaver help system for information on diagnosing template update problems. You may also need or want to edit the CSS files attached to the template files in order to exactly match your website design.