Product (Item) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Settings (Keywords & Metatags)

Search engine optimization (SEO) features are built-into the ‘General Info’ tab of the Product Manager.

The product details page keyword and description Metatags are set in the ‘General Info’ form. The <title> metatag (page name) is automatically generated by item’s name (title).

NOTE: Although metatags increase SEO, the best way to increase search engine exposure and rankings and generate traffic to your website is through incoming links to your item(s) or store from other websites.

Below is a screen shot of a sample product’s meta content features: (Notice how each keyword is separated by a comma.)

Below is the sample item’s search engine optimized meta tags on the product details page source code;

<title> 14K Ring With Cultured Pearl & Diamonds</title>


<meta name="Keywords" content="gold, ring, 14K, buy, online, sale, cheap, direct, engagement" />


<meta name="Description" content="Order the Prestige 14K Ring With Cultured Pearl & Diamonds direct and save hundreds off retail prices. Add a custom ring inscription and have your beautiful ring delivered right to your front door. Receive your order the next day with our express shipping!" />