Item Information (Details) Page & Add-To-Cart

The item (product) details page located at /store/item_view.php is where the customer will view all the information related to a specific item, select/enter any available product options, enter the quantity they would like to purchase and finally add the item to their shopping cart by clicking on the “Add-To-Cart” button.

The item details page is shown when the customer clicks on a product link from the featured and/or special items displayed on the store default page, the items displayed in the search results page, items that are displayed in the shopping cart, items that are displayed on tell-a-friend emails, items that are displayed on order confirmation and order shipment confirmation emails and items that are displayed on the order history page in the customer’s account manager.

The item details page displayed content is controlled entirely through the web-based admin system.

The majority of the content that is displayed is determined by the product’s information and options entered in the product manager interface. Content that is specific for each individual item is controlled through the product manager. This type of information includes elements such as the item title, description, price, options and images.

Content that is generic for ALL items is controlled by the Item Display Configuration page  This type of information includes the text labels of the page sections, the tell-a-friend and add-to-wish list images and the add-to-cart button image.

Click here for design-related information on the item details page (/store/item_view.php). Click here to view the CSS that formats the item details page.