Product Special Handling Fee

A special handling fee can be assigned to items in the store that requires additional time and labor to process and ship to the customer. The Special Handling Fee is a global feature and can be assigned to any item in the store. Special Handling Fee selections are added to the system by clicking on the ‘Products’ Tab and then the ‘Special Handling’ link. A specific Special Handling fee can be assigned to a specific item by clicking on the ‘Special Handling’ tab in the Product Manager. Note: Include Special Handling Fee’ must be set to ‘Yes’ and a Special Handling Fee record selected to have the fee applied to the item price. (See screenshot below for example). After assigning a Special Handling fee, Click on ‘Update Record’ button to save the new item configuration.   If a special handling fee is assigned to an item, a message will appear on the product details page alerted the customer that the fee will be applied. (If you do not want the customer to know that there a special handling fee for an item, simply raise the item price to reflect the additional fee.)

Below is a screen shot for a sample item that has been assigned a special handling fee:

Note: The text that precedes the Special Handling Fee record name on the details page is configured in the web-based admin at Store Setup > Item Display Configuration