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User Registration Form Content Manager

The registration form manager controls all of the content that will be displayed to the user when registering for an account on the website.

The following features are controlled using the registration form manager:

Registration Page Titles & Instructions
Customer Address (Shipping) Information Fields
Billing Information Fields & Where To Display Billing Fields (Registration Form or Order Options Page)
Email Address & Email Confirmation Fields
‘Receive Emails’ (opt-in) Feature
Account Password Settings
Registration “Questions” Features
Registration Terms Of Use Agreement
User Account Profile Edit Instructions & Content
Form Error(s) Message
User Registration Confirmation Messages (Non-Orders)
Email Account Activation Page Content

Below is a partial screen shot of the registration form content manager:

Although the text and configuration settings for site registration are controlled via the web-based admin, the formatting, fonts and layout of the registration form(s) are controlled via the site_store_pro_customer.css file

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