Product Image Viewer Plugins System Released 4-21-2016

Site Store Pro shopping cart now includes 3rd party image viewer plugins.

April 21st, 2016 We have posted the new product image viewer plugin system that gives merchants and developers the option to use other product image view components in addition to the default viewer. We have included plugins for Magic Zoom Plus as well as Lightbox 2 in the initial release. We will be releasing other product photo viewers and gallery systems in the coming months. Note: this upgrade is only valid for the API platform of the Site Store Pro shopping cart. If your version does not end with an “i” or was installed before 2015, you will not be able to apply this feature upgrade. If you are uncertain which platform you are running or would like to upgrade your current install to the API platform which allows third party plugins, please contact support. To upgrade your existing Site Store Pro PHP API shopping cart enabled store installation to include other product image viewer/gallery systems:
  1. Download the upgrade zip file
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file to your local system
  3. Upload the folders that were extracted in step 2 to your hosted installation (server). (i.e. upload the /sitestorepro/ and /estore_admin/ folders from the zip file to your hosting account. If prompted to overwrite the 3 files of the same name that already exist on your hosting account, select yes. Note:  do not delete the folders on your hosting account before uploading. Simply upload the two folders that were extracted from the zipfile up to your hosting account.
  4. Login to your web-based admin area and go to ‘Plugins’.
  5. Activate the new image viewer plugin you would like to use and then follow the instructions on the plugin page to turn it on for use on the store (you can always switch back to the default image viewer at anytime).
If you have a specific jQuery/CSS image viewer/gallery system you would like to you on your store, please contact support for assistance. The next full release version of the cart release will also allow you to specify different image viewer(s) per individual product. (This stand-alone upgrade will change all active items to use the selected product image viewer plugin). If you need assistance upgrading your install to support the new image viewer plugins system, please submit a support ticket at : We have also updated the full cart installation zip files with the new image viewer. Any new installs done after 4-21-2016 will include the image viewer plugins. Sincerely, The Site Store Pro Development Team