Developer White Label Shopping Cart

If you are a developer or design firm that wants to resell Site Store Pro to your client’s with your company branding and no identifying Site Store Pro references, logos, copyrights or links, you will need to purchase a Developer | Reseller License.

The White Label Developer | Reseller license includes all the features of the BUSINESS PRO PLAN with the following additional benefits:

  • Admin Based Help System Can Be Instantly Changed To Reflect Your Company Information.
  • Admin Area Sections Can Be Disabled Per Client Install
  • Remote Chat Application Available To Directly Support Your Client’s In Their Admin Area – Optional
  • Dedicated Support Portal (Your Company Branding & Sub-Domain) – Optional
  • Secure Remote API Access To Client Store Data For Internal Reporting & Application Health Monitoring – Optional

The Developer | Reseller license was previously sold as the Developer Support Plan. The new White Label Support plan has the same features as the previous Developer Support Plan with the following differences:

  • Due to changes in compliance and underwriting requirements, our liability coverage no longer applies to the developer’s client websites (cart installs). If your client requires online liability coverage for their shopping cart install, you must purchase a Business Pro Plan license for the client which includes up to $500,000 (US) liability coverage for the online store. Note: the client’s general business liability policy would typically also cover their website so the coverage provided by the Business Pro plan is usually supplementary coverage.
  • The white-label plan (developer plan) is only offered as an annual plan and no longer available as a multi-year plan.
  • You cannot resell the Site Store Pro Shopping Cart without bundling some type of value-added-service such a web-design, graphics work, site management, etc.

To purchase a Developer License, please contact [email protected] for a quote. Pricing starts at $200/yr.

If you have a current Developer license (Support Plan), you are automatically converted into our White Label program with the exception of the benefits listed above that are optional. The optional benefits are new and tailored for each specific white label client. If you would like to upgrade your existing Developer Plan to include a remote client chat application, a dedicated client support portal or a API data monitoring (Rest API) application, please contact sales.