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The WPCartPro™ WordPress plugin gives you the power of running a full Site Store Pro enabled online store inside your WordPress site.

wordpress_shopping_cartWPCartPro™ includes all the core features of a stand-alone Site Store Pro shopping cart install : Powerful Discounts, PCI Compliant Payment Options, Complete Web-Based Management Of Store Content & Settings & More (see more features)

The WPCartPro plugin makes it easy to get your store up and running quickly with all the features most merchants require.





Is the WPCartPro plugin the same system as the Dreamweaver or Designer shopping carts?

The WPCartPro plugin embeds the same core shopping cart functionality of Site Store Pro inside your WordPress site (theme).  The store’s data is managed through the exact same web-based admin system that the other platforms are using.

The only difference between the “stand-alone” carts and the WPCartPro plugin is that the stand-along carts include more features for the front-end website, a built-in CMS system for webpage creation and management and more site design related files (since WordPress sites are skinned by their theme and not via a custom site design).

Is the installation of WPCartPro the same process as all other WordPress plugins?

To run Site Store Pro as your WordPress shopping cart, you must install both the core Site Store Pro cart files (via FTP), the mySQL database script and the actual plugin. There are a few more steps required to install WPCartPro then simply downloading and activating a standard WordPress plugin. You can watch the entire install process above in the video.

What exactly does the WPCartPro plugin “do” after it is installed?

The WPCartPro plugin (and cart installation) installs the core cart files and Site Store Pro admin system outside of the WP directory structure so that the Site Store Pro cart can run inside your WordPress theme.

The plugin installation also creates the WPCartPro menu link in the WordPress admin and the “hooks” and WP functions so that the cart can be embedded inside of the WordPress framework even though the cart files are actually located outside of the WP folders.

The WPCartPro plugin creates a menu link on the left navigation of WordPress which opens up the Site Store Pro admin interface inside of your WordPress admin system.

The WPCartPro plugin also creates the quick-cart display shortcode so that you can place the shopping cart status bar display anywhere on the site. More information on the installation and features that are WP-specific can be found in the installation guide or by watching the video above.

Why does WPCartPro install additional folders on my server?

The Site Store Pro Dreamweaver, Designer and WPCartPro shopping carts all share the same PHP code-base and use the exact same mysql database table structure.  You can actually switch design environments from Dreamweaver to WordPress and vice-versa and your store’s data is completely unaffected.

To keep the core shopping cart code and data schema compatible across all design environments, we do not store the online store data into the WP tables or have the core cart features as WP functions inside the plugin. This standardization across all platforms allows us to release upgrades for every platform with the same file set and DB schema.

Site Store Pro is also designed to seamlessly support stores with 100s of thousands of products.  The WordPress custom post type (which most WordPress carts use for their data structuring) is not as efficient as the proven, indexed Site Store Pro data tables for high-traffic, large storefronts.

Site Store Pro also includes much higher security in it’s admin system with user-level permissions for different admin ecommerce functionality. (store managers, order managers, master admins, etc).

Why should I buy the WPCartPro WordPress shopping cart plugin when there are other carts like WooCommerce that are free?

You actually are not purchasing the “plugin” itself. The cart platform, like WooCommerce and WordPress is a free download.

We sell ecommerce support plans and payment provider (processor/gateway) plugins. Our support plans cover all platforms of the Site Store Pro shopping cart and we provide industry-leading support for our ecommerce customers and have for over a decade. If you download the free cart platform and simply purchase a plugin instead of going with a full-support plan, that is similar to how WooCommerce operates.

There are many great WordPress shopping carts, including WooCommerce. However, we are the only PCI-compliant e-commerce system that can be run on both WordPress and custom designed sites. Our cart also not only has more features that most other carts (regardless of price), but we test and support everything that goes into our cart. Any code, widget, payment plugin, etc that is running on our platform has been fully tested and certified secure by both our development team and independent auditors. No other “free” cart system is certified secure and compliant.

I noticed that your Dreamweaver version has much more front-end website features like auto-menu systems, sale item scrollers, featured product displays, past viewed item lists, etc that the WPCartPro plugin. Why are those features not available as widgets in WordPress after installing WPCartPro?

That is true. Although the shopping cart catalog (product results) , item view, shopping cart display,  checkout area, my-account area and admin systems are identical in the Dreamweaver, Designer or WPCartPro carts, there are indeed more front-end website “widgets” in the non-WordPress versions.  Although most of these elements can be duplicated with other WP plugins or created “manually”, we will be continually releasing new WP Widgets that duplicate many of the visual elements in the Dreamweaver cart to close that gap. We are currently working on some scroller widgets and dynamic category listing features (menus, sidebars and footers) and should have those available by mid-summer 2016.

Can I use a caching plugin to speed up my WordPress site when WPCartPro is activated?

Yes,. you can use most available WP page caching plugins. However, make sure that you “exclude” the follow folders/page names from being cached /store/, /checkout/, /myaccount/ (Most caching plugins allow you to exclude specific content, pages, folders from being cached). The shopping cart pages cannot be cached since they are 100% dynamic and must always change based on the data requested by the user at that specific time. If you have questions about caching compatibility or need assistance configuring your caching plugin to work with WPCartPro, please contact support.

How long has the WordPress version of Site Store Pro been available?

We released the WPCartPro Plugin in December 2014. There have been several releases of the shopping cart since that time and the shopping cart core files and admin system have been updated since that original plugin release. To get the current version of your installation, login to your admin system and it is located on the footer.

Why is the WPCartPro shopping cart system not listed on WordPress.org as an available plugin?

Since we use the existing (and proven) Site Store Pro MySQL DB tables for all data features and do not make any modifications to the WP tables and do not use the WP post types or any element of the WP db schema, we did not list it on the repository. The plugin and cart uses the same core framework as the Site Store Pro shopping cart and you can even switch to a custom-designed website and retain all your store settings and data. If we had integrated the cart database tables and core code directly into WordPress, and listed in the repository, this cross-platform compatibility would not be possible. Also, to achieve full PCI/DSS compliance, our code code and tables must be independent of the WordPress schema and code base.

Can I import data from another WordPress shopping cart into WPCartPro?

Yes, we have a built-in products import system inside the admin. After you export your data from your previous cart, you can prepare a CSV import from that data and import it into WPCartPro (Site Store Pro’s mysql database).

How much does it cost to run WPCartPro on my WordPress site?

There are no monthly fees or per transaction fees to run WPCartPro (Site Store Pro) on your WordPress sites.

We offer a variety of support options from self-managed installations with forum and email support only to our premium support plans.

(If you want to manage the cart yourself , you probably only need to purchase your preferred payment method plugin such as PayPal Standard or Authorize.net for a one-time fee of around $30.00. While our premium support plans start at $49.95)

Download WPCartPro today and test-drive on your WordPress site. There is no obligation or payment required to use the base cart framework.



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