Site Store Pro Overview

From small businesses selling only a few dozen items online who need a turn-key shopping cart and simple integration to large vendors selling tens of thousands of items with complex shipping and discount requirements, Site Store Pro™ is the complete e-commerce solution!

Showcase and sell all types of products, offer downloadable items and on-demand video and even accept online event registrations with Site Store Pro!

Site Store Pro works seamlessly on all mobile devices and can be easily integrated into any website design or WordPress theme.

All Site Store Pro shopping cart versions include a complete responsive sample store to help you learn the application features quickly and a fully-functional web-based e-commerce administration system for simple, real-time management of products, orders, customers, discounts and store settings.

How Site Store Pro Works…

Site Store Pro is installed on your hosting account, VPS or dedicated server. You have complete control over your data at all times. There are no monthly fees or per transaction fees to use the shopping cart and you are free to host it wherever you choose.

How Site Store Pro Works

The store front files, the web-based admin and the MySQL database work together to provide advanced shopping cart functionality with the minimum amount of website integration time.

Site Store Pro comes with a basic website and sample online store. The sample website and store layout is designed as a “starting point” to allow you to either create an online business from scratch or add shopping cart functionality into an existing website’s design.

Site Store Pro was created to integrate seamlessly into any existing website design layout. However, you are free to modify the included sample layout and use it as the basis for your entire website design.

Site Store Pro separates the ecommerce data (products, orders, store,settings, customer data) from the website design (layout) to simply the integration and management of your online store.

Site Design Vs. eCommerce Content

The e-commerce content (data) is separated from the website design to allow frequently updated content and shopping cart features to be design-independent.

This allows the site developer to modify the online store data without having to change the site design pages (HTML). The separation of the design and data also allows e commerce-related content to be instantly visible on the store without requiring an FTP file upload to refresh the website content.

For the Dreamweaver and Designer versions of the shopping cart, once the design of the sample store is modified to match your website ,  the ecommerce content such as products,  discounts, shipping, etc is then controlled via the web-based admin system.  (The WPCartPro WordPress plugin automatically integrates the store pages into the existing WordPress theme.)

Site Store Pro is one of the most powerful shopping cart and feature-packed shopping cart systems available and it can be easily applied to virtually any website design.

The 3 Elements Of A Site Store Pro Installation

Site Store Pro is “setup” by modifying the sample store pages to match your website design and then by using the web-based administration system to add products, configure the general store settings and enable/disable specific ecommerce features on the website. Site Store Pro is separated into three unique entities:

The Store-Front Files

The Site Store Pro storefront files , which include the main store page, product search & results pages, item details page, shopping cart display pages, customer registration page, order checkout  pages and the “My Account” area,  are built with a designer-friendly combination of database driven content, CSS formatting,  Dreamweaver Template (.dwt) integration or automatic WordPress Theme integration. Page layout and formatting are not restricted when applying an existing website design to the Site Store Pro storefront files.

The Web-Based Administration System

eCommerce features such as products configuration, customers and orders management, payment provider(s) setup, shipping preferences, store email messages content and discounts are controlled through the Site Store Pro web-based admin system.

The Store Database

Site Store Pro is “powered” by a MySQL back-end database. The Site Store Pro database stores all of the store categories, product information, customer data, order history, store configuration settings and usage stats.

Installation of the shopping cart on your hosting account can be completed very quickly and we provide an installation guide and video to walk you through each step. We also provide free installation services to our licensed customers.

Industry Leading Support Included!

Need help installing the shopping cart, integrating your design,  setting up a feature or marketing your online store? We have over 15 years of e-commerce solutions experience and are here to help you every step of the way !





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