Discounts Overview

Site Store Pro includes an advanced Discounts Manager where discounts can be set and controlled through the web-based administration system without any custom programming.

The Site Store Pro discounts are real-time where additions and modifications are instantly applied to the store. Unlike other shopping cart systems where configuration files have to be uploaded to the webserver, all discount configuration is done through the web-based admin system.

All discounts are controlled through the Discounts Manager with the exception of the special price (discount) price  and wholesale price that are set through the item (product) manager.

Mulitple discount types can be enabled on the website to offer features such as coupon codes, new customer discounts, preferred customer discounts, and special (sale) prices.

Discounts can be % (percentage) based or $ amount (specific value) based. Specific start and stop dates can be set for each discount and each discount can have restrictions such as order minimum, order maximum, min # of items and max # of item so that the specific discount rule is only applied if all set criteria are met.