New Customer Discount Example

If a ‘New Customer Discount’ is added and active inside the Discounts Manager, every new customer will receive the discount the 1st time they place an order through the store.

After a customer places an order, even if they do not receive a new customer discount,  they will not be able to receive a new customer discount in the future.

In other words, this type of discount is intended to be used as a one-time promotional feature.

(Note: Store admin can manually reset a customer’s account to receive a new customer discount on their next order by editing their profile at anytime.)

For example, to assign a 10% New Customer Discount:

8)     Select ‘New Customer Discount’ as the “Discount Type”.

9)     Enter A Name For The Discount. (i.e. “10% Off Welcome Discount”)

10)  Select Percent Of (%) as the “Discount Value Type”

11)  Enter 10 in the “Enter Discount Value” field.

12)  Enter any criteria (order min / max limits) in the ‘General Order Discount Filter Limits’ section.

13)  Select a discount ‘Start’ and ‘Expiration’ dates.

14)  Set the discount rule to ‘Active’ by checking box at the bottom of the form.