Event Features & Configuration

Site Store Pro includes several features to allow the processing of event registrations through your Site Store Pro enabled website (online store)

Event registrations are simply products that have been set to not be shipped or downloaded.

However, Site Store Pro includes several other features that make event registrations much more advanced and manageable.

Site Store Pro includes the option to have a separate registration form that will only be displayed when someone is registering (purchasing) an event. This feature allows the site administrator to present event-specific registration content to the customer without any custom programming of the store registration forms.

The shopping cart display can also be modified in the web-based admin system to display event-only content to the user.

The following features are included in Site Store Pro to simply event registration processing and management:

Mark Item As Event
Event Directors
Event Locations
Event Registration Form
Event Shopping Cart Display

Note: If you will be adding items to your online store to be processed as events, make sure that they are set to not be shippable and have an item weight of zero so no shipping charge is applied to the order.