Shopping Cart Configuration Overview

The shopping cart configuration settings are managed through the web-based admin by clicking on ‘Store Setup’ tab and then the ‘Shopping Cart Configuration & Content (Products and/or Events)’ link.

Cart Display Types

There are two different cart display types for the store: Products & Events.

By default, the store will use the “Products” cart display for both items that are set as products or events. This feature can be disabled by checking off the ‘Use Same Cart Display For Both Products And Events’ setting. Note: If this feature is disabled (unchecked) and there are both types of items in the cart (products & events) the system will use the “Products” display type. The event display type will be used when there are only event items in the cart without any other product items.

Alternate Shopping Cart Empty Page

The shopping cart will automatically display an empty message on the /store/shopping_cart.php page if there are not items in the cart and the page is accessed. However, an alternate page can be displayed for by entering a custom URL in the ‘Display Alternate Page is Shipping Cart is Empty’.

Save Cart Information In Cookie

By default , the shopping cart session information is saved in a cookie for 30 days so the user’s cart information is re-displayed if they leave and return to the site. This feature can be disabled or the cookie duration modified for site privacy requirements.

Cart Display Settings (Content)

The actual cart display content is managed by clicking on the a ‘Cart Display Type’ record and editing the information and configuration settings for the specific display type on the ‘Update Shopping Cart’ form.

The shopping cart display appears on both the /store/shopping_cart.php page as well as the ORDER REVIEW page located at /checkout/order_review.php.

The shopping cart display is formatted by both the ‘Update Shopping Cart’ form and also the css file located at /css/site_store_pro_shopping_cart.css

Note: Purchased items on the order confirmation and order shipment emails are also displayed in a “shopping cart display” area. This content is managed by clicking on the ‘Store Setup’ tab and then the ‘Order Details Content In Auto-Generated Order Message Link’ under the ‘Email Configuration section. This “display” and well as the customer’s order history/details page display should be also be edited or verified before launching your online store. This configuration is separate from the website display configuration because many store owners choose to format their order confirmation displays with a much more simple and limited feature set.