How do I change the design of the online store in Dreamweaver?

You can edit the store design files directly in Dreamweaver just like any other file or you can use the included Dreamweaver Template files for the most efficient site wide design updates.

Site Store Pro includes Dreamweaver template files to simplify design modification and site updates for Dreamweaver users. The Dreamweaver template files will automatically update the demo store design if modified in the Dreamweaver design environment.  For information on using .DWT files, please consult your Dreamweaver help system.

The following Dreamweaver Template files are included with Site Store Pro and located in the /templates/ directory:

  • main_store_responsive.dwt.php > Updates store catalog and product display files in the /store/ folder and the CMS page in /pages/ and the root /index.php
  • shopping_cart_store_responsive.dwt.php > Updates the shopping cart display page. ( /store/shopping_cart.php/.php)
  • checkout_store_responsive.dwt.php > Updates the store checkout pages in the /checkout/ folder
  • myaccount_store_responsive.dwt > Updates the account registration page and my account pages in the /myaccount/ folder

After modifying a .dwt file in Dreamweaver, you must save the file, allow the “update” process to complete and then upload the modified site files to the online webserver.  After modifying the included .DWT files in Site Store Pro, the following folders should be uploaded to the online webserver: 





/index.php (if you are not using your own home page from a previous site design)

(Note: If you are using your own root files from a previous website design, you will not need to upload any files from the root directory when making changes to main_store.dwt)

We have step-by-step Dreamweaver design integration tutorials at:

If you are not seeing changes on your site after editing the DWT files, please consult this help article: