How Site Store Pro Works

The store front files, the web-based admin and the MySQL database work together to provide advanced shopping cart functionality with the minimum amount of website integration time.

Site Store Pro comes with a basic website and sample online store. The sample website and store layout is designed as a “starting point” to allow you to either create an online business from scratch or add shopping cart functionality into an existing website’s design.

Site Store Pro was created to integrate seamlessly into any existing website design layout. However, you are free to modify the included sample layout and use it as the basis for your entire website design.

Site Store Pro separates the ecommerce data (products, orders, store,settings, customer data) from the website design (layout) to simply the integration and management of your online store.

Site Design Vs. eCommerce Content

The ecommerce content is separated from the website design to allow frequently updated content and shopping cart features to be design-independent.

This allows the site developer to modify the online store data without having to change the site design pages (HTML). The separation of the design and data also allows ecommerce-related content to be instantly visible on the store without requiring an FTP file upload to refresh the website content. 

Once the design of the sample store is modified to match your website,  the majority of ecommerce content such as product option labels (size, color, qty, price. etc),  customer registration field labels (first name, last name, address, etc) are controlled via the web-based admin system