Web-Based Administration System Overview

Site Store Pro separates the ecommerce features configuration and the website design integration by controlling the online store functions through the web-based admin system.


The web-based administration system located in the /estore_admin/ directory gives the store owner the ability to manage the site’s ecommerce features and data without having to edit the website files.

Unlike other Dreamweaver shopping carts that require modification and uploading of website files to change shopping cart settings, the Site Store Pro web-based admin system allows real-time management of products, store catalog, shopping cart, customers, discounts, checkout, shipping, emails and inventory configuration settings.

The only time the website files are edited when using Site Store Pro is during the initial design integration process. After the website design is applied to the Site Store Pro online store files, there is no need to edit the Site Store Pro files again unless you are redesigning or modifying the website design.

If you want to modify the online store files to match your website design, proceed to the
Website Design Integration section. You can integrate your website design into Site Store Pro before or after configuring the store settings, adding products, etc. through the admin system. Changing the website design at anytime will not affect the store settings and vice-versa.


Site Store Pro Web-Based Administration System Dashboard (Home Page) Screenshot: