I’m a designer | developer, can I resell the shopping cart to my clients?

Yes, you can include the Site Store Pro shopping cart or WP Cart Pro shopping cart with your development projects as long as you also include some type of value-added service such as web-design, site management, online store setup assistance, cart customization or training on the same project.

However, you cannot remove any of the Site Store Pro or WPCartPro code copyright comments, the admin area footer copyright statement and either imply or tell your client that you developed the shopping cart software. (Exception is the default admin area logo image that can be replaced with your logo or the client’s logo.)

Important: You cannot charge any type of separate license fee or usage fee for the shopping cart software. You are allowed to charge fees for installation and configuration of the cart and value-added services but cannot charge any type of license fee for the cart software (code) itself.

Free Plan Cart users can also include the shopping cart with their design projects but if you want us to provide priority support to your clients, you will need to upgrade to a paid support plan. (More Info)

If you want to white-label the shopping cart and resell your own branded and/or customized shopping cart version, you will need a Developer | Design Firm (White Label). (Previously called the Developer License) More information and pricing on the Developer White Label license is available here.