Item-Specific Discount Type Example

The ‘Item Specific Discount’ is  most often used to discount an individual item with a coupon-code.  For example, to offer $15.00 off a specific item with coupon code “15LESS”:

1)     Select ‘Item-Specific Discount’ as the “Discount Type”

2)     Enter A Name For The Discount. (i.e. “15 Off Sweatshirt”)

3)     Select ‘Specific Value Off ($)’ as the “Discount Value Type”

4)     Enter 15 in the “Enter Discount Value” field.

5)     Enter the coupon code in the ‘Enter Code’ field (i.e. 15LESS)

6)     Select the specific item from the ‘Product Only Discount?’ drop-down list.

7)     Enter any criteria (order min / max limits) in the ‘Product Only (Item) Filter’ section.

8)     Select a discount ‘Start’ and ‘Expiration’ dates.

9)     Set the discount rule to ‘Active’ by checking box at the bottom of the form.

Note:  If you EXCLUDE a coupon code in the ‘Enter Code’ field, the discount will be applied to the item automatically and the discounted price will be shown on the item details page. Otherwise, the customer will have to enter the coupon code on the shopping cart display page for the discount to be applied to the selected item.


Note: To apply a coupon code discount to the all items (complete order), select Coupon Code | Gift Certificate as the discount type and do not select an item from the ‘Product Only’ Discount field. Click here for example.