Shopping Cart Overview

When a customer adds items from the online store to their shopping cart, the items are displayed on the shopping cart display page located at /store/shopping_cart.php. The shopping cart temporarily stores items until the customer completes the checkout process.

The shopping cart display page text content and options configuration are controlled through the web-based admin system and the fonts and text formatting is controlled via the CSS file. (Page design/layout is controlled through DWT File)

The shopping cart can be configured to display different content for events or products. (Default configuration will show the same shopping cart display for both events and products.) The shopping cart line items display will also appear on the ‘order review’ page as well as /store/shopping_cart.php.

The shopping cart can be configured to show an alternate “empty cart” page (url) and also can save the user’s contents so that their shopping cart session will continue the next time the visit the store.

Some of the elements that are controlled via the shopping cart configuration form in the admin:

·         Shopping Cart Page Header Image

·         Shopping Cart Page “Welcome” (Instructions) text

·         Cart Empty Message Text

·         Alert Messages Text

·         Accepted Payments Image

·         Cart Columns Display/Configuration (i.e. Qty, Size, Color, Line Total, etc)|

·         Cart Columns Display Text Labels

·         Cart Rows Header Background Image

·         Delete Row Item Image

·         Turning On/Off Coupon Code Entry Field On Display

·         Clear Cart, Continue Shopping, Update Cart and Checkout Button Images


Click here to view shopping cart display elements that are controlled via the web-based admin.

Some of the elements that are controlled via the CSS File:

Cart Instructions Text Formatting
Cart Alert Messages Text Formatting
Cart Header and Column Text Formatting
Cart Disclaimer Text Formatting

Click here to view the complete shopping cart CSS file reference.