My Account Area Overview

The my account area of the online store is where the customer (user) can login to view their order history, download ordered products, view their product wish list and edit their customer profile. The my account area is password protected (secured) and the customer must enter their email address and password to access their account manager (my account area) The My Account area is located in the /myaccount/ folder of the Site Store Pro installation file. The login page is located at /myaccount/login.php and the account manager is located at /myaccount/default.php. Note: Auto-generated site links to the myaccount page are The my account area configuration and options are controlled entirely through the web-based admin system.

·         Login Page Content

·         “Forgot My Password” Page Content

·         Account Manager Content

·         Order Downloads Section

·         Wishlist Section Feature

·         Order History Section Feature

·         Edit Profile and Logout Buttons

·         Rewards Program Stats and Join Button

The MyAccount Pages are formatted with the myaccount_store.dwt.php Dreamweaver template file.