Product Sizes (Option) Management

Sizes are added into the system and then can be assigned to ANY product (global product option).

To reduce the amount of time required to manage your item options, product sizes should be added into the system BEFORE adding the actual products that the sizes will be assigned to (associated). However, new sizes can be added or edited at anytime and then associated with existing products.

Sizes are added into the system by clicking on the ‘Products’ tab and then the ‘Sizes’ link under in the left menu.

After adding sizes to the system, they can be assigned to any product by clicking the ‘Sizes’ tab in the Product Manager.

To assign a size to an item (product), simply click on the ‘Include’ check box next to the size and then click the ‘Update’ button after all sizes for a specific item have been checked “on”.

To remove a size assignment, simply uncheck the size and then click the ‘Update button’.

Assigned sizes will be displayed as a list selection menu on the product details page as shown below:


An additional fee can be included when adding a size to the system. If a fee is assigned (entered) for a size, it will be added to the base price of the item when the size is selected by the customer. It is highly recommended that you include the fee in the size name (title) when entering it in the system. For example: If you enter the size title as “5” and assign an additional fee of $2.00 to the record, the title should actually be entered as “5 (+$2.00). Including the fee in the size name will not only let the customer know that there is an additional fee associated with a specific item size, but will also prevent the admin from assigning the incorrect size to an item when two size records have the same name but only one of them has an additional fee assignment.