Reports & Data Export Overview

Site Store Pro includes a number of built-in reports to allow tracking of individual item and category popularity, shopping cart conversion ratio, customer  and order exports and sales reports. The reports are accessed through the web-based admin system under the REPORTS section.

The following reports and export functions are enabled by default:


Product Reports

·         Product Summary Sheet

·         Top 10 Selling Products

·         Top 25 Selling Products

·         Top 100 Selling Products

·         Top 500 Selling Products

·         All Products Sales Totals


Usage Reports

·         Most Viewed Products

·         Most Viewed Manufacturers (Brands)

·         Most Viewed Categories

·         Most Viewed Sub-Categories

·         Most Viewed Collections

·         Most Viewed "Shop-By-Styles"

·         Most Viewed "Shop-By-Occasions"

·         Shopping Cart Activity Summary


Product Download(s) Counter


Customer Reports


·         Export Retail Customer Email List (CSV)

·         Export Wholesale Customers Email List (CSV)

·         Export All Customer Emails (CSV)

·         Rewards Members List


General Data Exports


·         Export Customer List (CSV)

·         Export Orders List (CSV)

·         Export Products List (CSV)

·         Export Inventory List (CSV)


Sales Report By Date Range

Custom reports can also be added to your store and included in the reports section.