New API Version Of Site Store Pro Posted

The biggest release in the 9+ year history of Site Store Pro is now available for immediate download!

The next generation of the Site Store Pro shopping cart is built around an open developer API and GpL2 based license. We took everything you liked about the cart (extensive features, design freedom and security) and made it better! The new version is now offered as a free base framework that is extended by an OPEN developer API. There are no encrypted files on the new release and activation is no longer required for use. Existing license holders of the previous platform will be migrated into our new support based plans that include additional paid features for the cart such as PCI compliant payment provider plugins, direct support assistance and more. New users can choose to either support their own installs with our online support options and/or purchase payment and premium plugins as needed ( or develop their own plugins with our open plugin API ) As always, we will continue to provide frequent patches and feature updates to the core cart framework. We will also be launching a new community based support forum as well as online webinars for users who wish to provide their own support and development resources into the new platform. Rest assured, we will also still be supporting the previous PHP platform with new feature releases, security patches and more. There will be no change in operation or support for existing license holders. If you have a current Site Store Pro PHP license, you will be able to download both your paid version plus the new framework and any premium features and plugins that are associated with your current license model (PayPal, Enterprise or Developer) However, starting  January 13 2015, we will no longer be offering paid licenses for the cart software and instead we will be selling support packages and premium payment provider and features plugins for the free base cart framework.

The new version release includes the following features and enchancements:

  • New 100% MySQli Front-end Cart (Removed all mysql_connect db functions from front-end cart files)
  • > Streamlined Core Cart Code: Removed All Legacy Code Files | Features and Reduced Install Footprint By 32%
  • > Core Cart Cart Is Now Interchangeable with WordPress Plugin to Allow Switching Between Standalone and WP install types.
  • Boostrap3 now optional on new installs (embed in any responsive framework or non-responsive design with same core framework & files)
  • New Sample Store Design That is Greatly simplified for easier integration/modification to fit your design requirements.
  • New OOP Cart Discounts Module (Centralized Item Pricing Class)
  • New Open API Plugin system For Payment Gateways, Shipping Providers, Search Bars, Quick Cart, Top Navigation Systems, LeftNavs, Email List Providers
  • New Dynamic Home Page With Selectable Content Regions and Display Plugins
  • New Shipping Module With Sortable Real time rates
  • New Shipping Flat-Rate Fallback Feature For Failed Realtime Rate Calls (if provider is down, etc)
  • New Product Options Calculator (Pricing) Display
  • New One-Time Fee Option for List Menu 1 and 2 (instead of default where option fee is multiplied by qty)
  • New External Video Delivery/Distribution Option With Amazon S3 Secured/Expiring Link Feature
  • New “Quick Customize” Feature that includes:
    • Custom Item Pricing Rules
    • Custom Shipping Selections
    • Custom Flat-Rate Rules
    • Custom Gateway Integration
  • New Unified Modal System. (one file controls all modal windows across entire application instead of multiple embedded modal css/js references)
  • New Built-in “Donation” feature for products to collect donations with built in max and default values plus donation list option for set values.
  • Optimized Shopping Cart Display For Better Mobile Device Viewing.
  • Modified Both the Tell-A-Friend and Review Submission Process For Better Mobile Device Experience.
  • Modified The Error Message Display For PayPal and Amazon Payment Failures To Prevent Confusion When Selecting Alternate Payment Method.
  • Modified Product List Menu #1 & #2 options to include default select option, wholesale user speecific label and fee, shipping weight options and sales tax options.
  • Modified the “delete item from cart item” behavior to prevent double clicks which could casue an “item not found” error.
  • Modified Search Results Breadcrumbs to Allow Disabling Of Individual Link Types (i.e. brand, cateogory, subcategory, etc)
  • Modified Search Results Display Manager To Allow Disabling Left Navigation, Use Plugins For Left Nav and/or Use WordPress Sidebar (WpCartPro)
  • Added Max Qty Option and Qty List Option To Product Manager
  • Reformatted Product Builder Display To Match Existing Product Options CSS
  • Fixed Discounts Manager to Not Require Discount Filter Selection On Installs without subcategories/collections.
  • Removed reCaptcha as the default form verification on the admin login and replaced with easier to read/entercaptcha solution.