Dreamweavaer and Wordpress Shopping Cart

Site Store Pro Shopping Cart Solutions

Adobe Dreamweaver Shopping Cart

The Site Store Pro Dreamweaver shopping cart is a proven, turnkey e-commerce solution for small business owners, website designers and developers who want to focus on their content and website design and have all the shopping cart functionality ready-to-go.

Web-Designer Shopping Cart

The Site Store Pro Web Designer shopping cart gives you Enterprise-level power and features with complete design freedom. Site Store Pro does not limit you to a pre-defined set of design templates and you do not pay a monthly or per transaction fee to use the shopping cart.

WordPress Plugin Shopping Cart

The Site Store Pro WPCartPro WordPress shopping cart plugin includes all the core features of a stand-alone Site Store Pro shopping cart install : Powerful Discounts, PCI Compliant Payment Options, Complete Web-Based Management Of Store Content Settings & More!

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Site Store Pro Shopping Cart News

  Back Me Up Pro – MySQL Edition is now available for purchase and instant download. The Back Me Up Pro – MySQL Edition Plugin will automatically backup your Site Store Pro or WP Cart Pro MySQL database and upload your backed up data to a cloud storage service for secure and reliable offsite data

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We have posted an updated plugin development guide at : https://www.sitestorepro.com/download_content/SIteStorePro_Plugin_Developer_Guide.pdf The updated guide contains instructions on integrating additional features into payment processor plugins such as processor initialization file loading, required JavaScript loaders and embedded billing forms. The Site Store Pro Developer Plugin Guide 2.0 also includes a section that details a new plugin category

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You can now include “Buy Now” links and buttons in your emails, blogs, social media and website pages that will directly add the item to the customer’s shopping cart. The new “Buy Now” feature generates a short URL with a randomly-generated ID value for your product. When clicked, the URL automatically adds the item to

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Stripe and Square are now available as direct download payment plugins for the Site Store Pro shopping cart. Now you can self-install Stripe or Square as your primary payment processor on your Site Store Pro cart install(s) and turn them on instantly. Both of the new plugins also allow you to accept Paypal payments alongside

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Site Store Pro is now fully compatible with PHP version 8 as well as all PHP 7.x versions. As of December 3, 2020, we have updated the Dreamweaver, Designer and WordPress cart versions with the new PHP 8 code base.  Some major changes to the core shopping cart code, including a new email sending module,

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