Sell unlimited products, downloads, videos and events on your self-hosted Dreamweaver site, WordPress site or custom-designed website with Site Store Pro!

Don’t let a hosted shopping cart provider determine how and what you sell online.

  • No Per Transaction Fees
  • No Selling Limits
  • No Design Restrictions
  • No Customization Roadblocks

If you have an all-in-one website, shopping cart and hosting package, most likely you are running a hosted cart solution where the provider directly controls your store, only allows limited access to your data and actually owns your online store.

Unlike hosted carts that cannot be moved off the provider or directly modified, a self-hosted shopping cart is an add-on to your website and therefore your site can be hosted on any shared hosting account, VPS or dedicated server.

With the self-hosted Site Store Pro shopping cart, you own your online store and control what, when, where and how you sell. You don’t pay per transaction fees to use the cart and are free to use any website design and host your site anywhere you want. Unlike hosted carts, there are no contracts, no data privacy or compliance issues and no selling limits.

Site Store Pro is a proven and powerful shopping cart that works with any website design. Since 2006, Site Store Pro has been helping businesses and non-profits of all sizes sell everything from digital downloads to goods and services to events. If you have something to sell online, you can sell it with Site Store Pro without any contracts or restrictions.

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Need help with your online store?

Paid Shopping Cart Support Plan Benefits:

24/7 Priority Status On All Support Requests
Site Monitoring and Installation Version Updates
Shopping Cart Customization Services
Direct Server Access For Support*
Direct Design Integration Assistance*
Phone, Zoom, Skype and Screen Sharing Support Channels

*Direct support is when the site administrator or merchant requests us to login to their cart install via the store’s admin system, FTP, RDP or cPanel and/or setup a shared screen session to directly solve their issue. Direct support is only available for paid plans.
(The Free plan is limited to ticket (email) support only.)

Site Store Pro Shopping Cart Pricing

Looking for a turn-key online store instead of creating it yourself?
Checkout our white-glove store packages.

Free Forever Plan


Best for self-supported installs
or to test-drive the shopping cart.

  • Accept Credit/Debit Card Payments, PayPal, Venmo and more with PayPal Checkout v2
  • Ticket Support Only
  • Dreamweaver, Web Designer Or WordPress Shopping Cart Versions
  • Not A Trial – All Cart Features Included!
Designer Plan


Best for freelance website designers, developers and webmasters.

  • All shopping cart versions included with additional payment processors (Stripe, Square,, PayPal Express, PayPal Pro and More)
  • Email, Ticket, Skype, Zoom, Shared Screen and Phone Support Channels
  • Direct Support On All Installations
Business Pro Plan


Best for business owners
or IT departments.

  • All Features of the Designer Plan
  • 2 Hours of Cart Customization Included
  • Complete Design Integration for (1) site.
  • Free Online Store Development Server | Includes Migration To Live Server & Site Launch

Turn-Key Online Stores

If you don’t have the time or staff to develop your online store, let the Site Store Pro experts do it for you!

With our “white glove” shopping cart projects, we completely setup your online store, add your products and launch your store!

Turn-Key Project FAQs

In addition to either providing access to your current website design or a design template, you will need to provide your product category names, item titles, item descriptions, item pricing, product images and some basic information about your business, target audience and online sales goals. After setting up your products, we will work directly with you to configure your shipping rules, any discounts and your payment processing settings and make the entire development process as simple, efficient and stress-free as possible.

All development work for your online store is done on a private VPS server so you can review, test and approve all content and features prior to launching your store. Once everything is finished and approved, we move everything to your permanent hosting location to launch it to the public.

The Turn-Key package includes complete setup and testing of your products and configuration of your shipping settings, discounts, order registration forms, payment processor and order confirmation emails.

The Turn-Key package also includes either direct integration into your current website, integrating a new site design template or skinning the included Site Store Pro sample store design to match your company’s preferred colors and corporate branding.

After your store development is completed, we will train you or your staff on how to manage your online store after launch including adding/editing products, processing orders, creating new discounts and marketing your online store through social media, email campaigns and online ad campaigns. (Your store comes with a full self-help system as well)

After you have reviewed and approved your design integration, products configuration and store settings, we will coordinate setup and testing of your live hosting account (server) and then launch your store to the public.

Most new online businesses either create their own design and send us a sample HTML page with their layout and CSS, purchase a design template from a site such as template monster or, if using WordPress, they have us modify a free or premium theme with their design preferences.

However, if you don’t have a existing design, a 3rd-party design template, aren’t using WordPress and don’t want to do a full site design project, the Site Store Pro sample (demo) website design can be modified with your logo, business information, general site pages (i.e., about, contact, privacy, services), your own photos and your unique corporate color scheme (branding).

We can create a clean, professional, fully-functional site very quickly by re-skinning our application’s base design files and this service is included with the turn-key package for no extra charge. The majority of designers who resell Site Store Pro to their clients actually use the sample store design as the starting point (foundation) for their client’s custom designs. View the Sample Store Here.

If you decide that you prefer a completely unique, proprietary custom website design including original site content and images, please contact sales for a full site design quote.

Project completion is based on many factors including the number of initial items to be setup, the amount of design integration work required for the site layout, how much content needs to be manually converted/added and the availability of the merchant to review and approve the store setup.

Typical turn-key projects are completed (launched) in 7-14 days with larger, more complex projects may take 14-28 days if there is a lot of manual content addition or conversion required.

Existing websites that are only adding the online store to their site and are initially selling only a few items can be turned over very quickly however.

In some cases, depending on our current workload, we can launch the online store in just a few days for projects with very small content requirements.

After your project is reviewed and documented during your online store development consultation, you will be provided with an accurate completion date based on your unique e-commerce requirements.

During your development consultation, we will determine which platform is best for your specific situation (WordPress, Designer or Dreamweaver).

Regardless of which platform your online store (website) is based-on, you will be able to add, edit and manage all content from a web-based CMS system.

You will not need to directly access any of your site pages with an HTML editor unless you specifically request that your pages be manually editable and contain static content. By default, all content will be completely dynamic and managed entirely through a web-based content manager. The only content that would need to be manually edited would be the CSS files which format the colors, fonts, etc of your design.

If for some reason, you need to change the appearance or some element of your general design, simply submit a support request and we will do that for you free of charge.

Site Store Pro does not provide hosting services. The Site Store Pro Shopping cart is a self-hosted cart that can be hosted on any shared hosting account, VPS or dedicated server.

If you do not have a current hosting account or need to upgrade your existing hosting, we will advise you on the best performance/cost options and setup a 3rd-party hosting solution (i.e. shared or VPS) that matches your specific online store requirements. All Turn-Key e-commerce packages include setup of your hosting account and the launch of your online store.

The turn-key project pricing varies based on the amount of items (products) that you want to be setup initially and the amount of customization hours and other features that your project may require.

After receipt of your refundable $300 project deposit and initial project specs, we will setup a consultation to discuss all of your specific store requirements and if you require any features or work that is not covered in the project you selected, (i..e. custom design work that will exceed the included hours or additional products that need to be setup initially that are above the included # of items).

The majority of projects we develop are covered by one of the three options shown below, and in those situations, there are no additional fees.

However, please note that we do not provide hosting for your live store so you will still need to pay monthly or annual site hosting fees to a third-party hosting provider and any payment processing fees that are paid directly to your payment provider. (Other fees that may be required either annually or monthly, depending on your host setup and if you are a new or existing business, are: annual domain name registration fee, SSL certificate fee, email account fee(s) and/or any data storage / bandwidth fees).

For a typical online store, your total hosting fees shouldn’t be more than $15-25/mo while larger stores that require a VPS (Virtual Private Server) setup, typically pay between $30-50/month.

If you want to setup a free development consultation prior to reserving your project online to discuss the total cost of running your own self-hosted online store as well as any questions you have about the development process, please contact us.

Absolutely! All turn key projects include unlimited consultations and strategy planning calls and/or emails.

After reviewing your initial specs, we will provide our recommendations on what we feel is the best way to optimize your online store.

If you want to talk with some of our current clients about their success with Site Store Pro, please visit the demos page and feel free to reach out to any of the site owners listed there.

Your site will be optimized for Google when we are setting up your online store and our developers will inquire on what specific phrases, keywords and demographics you will be primarily targeting with your home page, categories and product pages.

We also provide email marketing setup and training with both the Small Business and Enterprise plans.

If you need a complete marketing program for your business including ad campaigns, external SEO landing pages and social media, we will discuss your requirements during the project consultation process and, if requested, provide a quote for those services if they would exceed your included project customization hours.

(Custom Project Hours can be used for design work, custom cart features, social media setup/postings, SEO and training. The only services that custom project hours do not cover are photography, video production and onsite services which would be billed as separate projects).

If you prefer to develop your own store, simply download the shopping cart with our free plan above. The turn-key projects are completely optional and not required for using the Site Store Pro shopping cart as your ecommerce solution. However, if you require any direct assistance with your store, we have paid support plans available for both designer/developers and site owners. See Pricing.

Yes, you are free to purchase a turn-key project as a sub-contract to one of your own client projects. However, you cannot remove any of the Site Store Pro copyright information or imply to your client that you developed the shopping cart. If you want to white-label the installation and remove all Site Store Pro information and links, you must purchase a reseller license. More Info

All turn-key projects are bundled with our Business Pro Support Plan (license) which includes 24/7 direct support on your installation.

The support plan covers anything related to the online store including all configuration settings, products, etc. If you have any issue with your online store, simply submit a support ticket or call your priority support line (provided with your plan) and your issue will resolved for no charge.

The support plan is valid for one-year. You can renew the support plan for 20% off the current plan rate ($60) one month prior to your plan expiration. If you need site or online store content management, site content updates , social media postings and/or server administration, we also have separate maintenance & contract management contracts available.

All turn-key online store projects require a $300 refundable deposit.

For the starter plan, the remaining balance is due upon site launch.

For the small business and enterprise plans, 50% of the remaining project balance is then due when the product’s setup is completed on your private (development) VPS server and the remaining project balance is due when the site is transferred from the development server to your live server and launched to the public.

Your project can be canceled and the deposit is refundable up to 7 days after the start of the project for any reason. After 7 days from the project start date, the deposit is non-refundable.

The project start date is not when the project is reserved with your deposit but after your initial development consultation is completed and your project details/specs have been confirmed and your project contract has been signed by both parties. The initial project consultation is typically done the following business day after reserving your project.

We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover or AMEX through our secure online billing system. We do not accept PayPal, personal or business checks for the turn-key projects.

Turn-Key Online Store Project Pricing

The project pricing below is based on the number of items that are initially setup and not the total amount of items that can be sold on your store. All stores setup with Site Store Pro can sell UNLIMITED items.



Best for new online stores selling less than 25 items that need a complete, turn-key solution.

  • Includes all features of the Business Pro Plan plus…
  • Complete setup and testing of up to 25 products of any type including all options configuration. (i.e shipping products, downloadable items, on-demand video items or service-only. Includes setup with image(s), pricing, descriptions and any required options and custom fields) * If you need more items setup initially, see below.
  • Setup all store settings including shipping, discounts, checkout and store generated emails.
  • Install, Test and Launch Store On Your Hosting Account or Server.
  • Deposit: $300.00
  • Balance Due Upon Launch.


Best for merchants who are switching from a different e-commerce provider or stores with up to 50 products.

  • All features of the Starter Plan plus…
  • Complete setup and testing of up to 50 products of any type including all options configuration. * If you need more items setup initially, see below.
  • Import | Convert products, categories, customers and orders from another platform (if applicable)
  • Setup Mailing List With Provider Such As MailChimp or Constant Contact and/or Integrate Store Into Current List(s)
  • Includes up to 10 additional hours of custom design work, administration training and/or custom features.
  • Deposit $300.00
  • Second payment of $725 due after products setup completed.
  • Balance Due Upon Launch.


Best for larger online stores that want the fastest setup of their products and a hassle-free launch process.

  • All Features Of Small Business Plan plus…
  • Complete setup and testing of up to 150 products of any type including all options configuration. * If you need more items setup initially, see below.
  • Setup and configure VPS server for the online store with third party provider (if required) plus implement and test a full backup and disaster recovery setup for your self-hosted content.
  • Includes up to 15 additional hours of custom design work, administration training and/or custom features.
  • Deposit $300.00
  • Second Payment of $1600 due after products setup completed.
  • Balance Due Upon Store Launch.

*If you need additional products setup beyond the package limits above (25, 50, 150), you can easily add the remaining items yourself through the included web-based admin system either individually or by using the built-in products import tool. However, if you prefer that we setup your items beyond the initial quoted limits, we can set them up at a discounted flat-rate of $20/per item or a bulk-import discount rate of $60/hr if you provide a delimited import file (i.e. CSV, Excel) and the corresponding product images. The average time to prepare an import file and format the images with the correct dimensions, resolution, etc is between 1-6 hours depending on the quality of the source data, number of items and the amount of manual data conversion required for content such as categories, product weights, downloadable file associations, and custom product options.

If you want us to setup over 500 items initially in your turn-key online store, or if you require a complete custom website design, need a new company logo, or require product photography or video production services, please contact us for a custom project quote. Site Store Pro easily handles large, high-traffic stores with thousands of items. However, the setup and import of large inventory list(s) requires careful pre-planning to ensure proper item categorization and to minimize post-import data revisions. If you have a large inventory list or require any of the above services (full site design, logo work, product photography, or video production), please contact us so that we can create the most efficient and cost-effective development path for your specific requirements.

Live Online Store Management | Server Administration

Site Store Pro also provides optional site and server management contracts tailored to your unique e-commerce business requirements.

Pricing is based on the amount of daily, weekly or monthly content updates, size of the online store, social media and marketing requirements, SEO goals, IT staff collaboration, infrastructure type and disaster recovery and/or server redundancy options.

Contracts are available with 3, 6 and 12 month terms. For more information or to receive a quote, please contact us.

Click here if you are a developer or design firm and want to white-label and resell Site Store Pro.