Amazon Payments Now Available!

Amazon payments are now available in the Site Store Pro Enterprise and Developer versions. Accept Amazon payments alongside your other payment methods with no programming or custom integration!
Customers on your store can now choose to pay with their credit cards and bank accounts stored in their Amazon account. Their Amazon billing information is never exposed to the merchant. The customer can quickly login to their Amazon account, select their payment method and pay for their online order. They are then redirected back to your store to view their receipt, download their products, watch their videos, etc.
Amazon payments requires a Amazon Payments and Amazon Web Services (AWS) account setup under the same email address to obtain an Amazon Access ID and Secret Key which are used to setup the new payment option on your store.
Installation Instructions:
If you are using a payment provider such as PayPal Pro or and want to accept Amazon payments alongside your credit card payment selections, go to "Store Setup > Order Checkout Setup > Checkout Billing Options Configuration" and turn on the Amazon payments option and enter your Amazon credentials.
If you are using PayPal Standard to process your store payments and you want to also accept Amazon OR you want to only accept Amazon on your store, go to:  "Store Setup > Order Checkout Setup > PayPal Standard | Amazon Payments" and turn on the Amazon payments option(s) and enter your Amazon credentials.
If you need assistance upgrading your install or have questions about the upgrade process, please submit a support ticket.