CMS Overview

Site Store Pro now includes a Content Management System (CMS) where you can edit general site content and create new site pages instead of being limited to only managing your store-related content in your ecommerce admin area.
Site pages are still "skinned" using your preferred HTML editor (i.e. Dreamweaver) but you now can manage the top navigation tabs and menu contents, the site footer, the site logo and manage the content of the site pages directly from the admin area.

In previous versions of the cart, the main site content such as about us, contact us, etc had to be uploaded and edited outside of the admin area. With the new version, the site skinning is applied to the /pages/index.php file and any new page created in the admin area loads using that file as the design template. 
You can now create unlimited SEO friendly pages directly from the admin area and include the following advanced features on the CMS managed pages without any custom programming: