Setting Item For Both Download & Ship

Downloaded items can be set to include a shipping option. This allows the customer to select if they want to receive a shipped hardcopy of the item for digital media products.

By default, downloadable items are DOWNLOAD only.  This feature should not be used if you will not be providing a hardcopy (shippable) version of the item.

To set a downloadable item to include a shipping version (hardcopy), go to the ‘Download Settings’ page in the Product Manager and then click  the ‘(+) Add New Distribution (Delivery) Option’ link.

A minimum of 2 options (selections) should be set for items that can be both downloaded and/or shipped.( A maximum of three options can be set: Download, Download/Ship or Ship Only.)

Note: If a customer selects to receive a shipped version of the downloadable item, the item will be automatically included in the shipping and sales tax fee calculations.( i.e. The shipping rate (fee) for regular items will be applied to the “downloadable” item and sales tax may be applied to the order if the item will be shipped to the selected sales tax state.)

The following options are can be set with the ‘Download and Ship’ feature:

Delivery Method Name: This is the description of the delivery method (download or ship) that will appear on a drop-down selection list on the product details page.

Additional Fee: If a value greater than zero is entered in this field, the fee will be applied to the item price. This is useful to recoup media costs incurred by sending a hardcopy of a product to the customer.

Menu Ordering: This value determines where the  current download&ship option will appear on the selection list menu. (Decimal values can be entered as well as integers. The lower the number, the higher in the list it will appear. In others words, entering 1 will set a selection to appear before and selection with an ordering value of 2)

Delivery Type: This determines what type of option for the delivery method record. The following types of “Download & Ship” types can be provided to the customer:

·         Download Only: If this type is selected, the item will not be shipped.

·         Download & Ship: If this type is selected, item can be downloaded by the customer and they also will receive a shipped hardcopy. (Shipping Charge will be applied to the order cost)

·         Ship Only: If this type is selected, the item will NOT be downloaded and ONLY a shipped copy will be sent to the customer. (Shipping Charge will be applied to the order

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you will be setting a downloadable item to include a ship option, make sure that it has a WEIGHT value set on the shipment features on the product manager.

However, DO NOT set the item as SHIPPABLE on the product manager or it will always be shippable.  The weight value will only be applied if the customer selects an option for the download item that includes a shipment choice (download & ship or ship only).