Shipping & Handling Overview

The order shipping charge (fee) is either calculated automatically with flat-rates fees or the user (customer) is given the option to select a specific shipping rate for real-time carrier generated rates on the order options page.

Shipping will ONLY be applied to orders that contain at least one (1) item that is set as shippable.  For real-time shipping rates, all products must have a product weight set to be calculated in the shopping total.

Shipping charges will not be applied to orders that only contain downloadable items, events or service-only items.

By default, a handling fee is not applied to shipping orders. A special handling charge with a fee greater than zero must be set in the admin for handling to be applied to shippable orders.

The type of shipping rate that will be applied to orders is configured through the web-based shipping configuration manager.

The following shipping options are built-into to Site Store Pro and can be configured through the web-based admin without any custom programming:

Multiple Flat-Rate Options (US)
Multiple Flat-Rate Options (International)
USPS Real-time Rates Selections (US)
UPS Real-time Rates Selections (US & International)
FedEx Real-time Rates Selections (US & International)