USPS Shipping Settings

USPS can be enabled for domestic rates (United States shipments only). USPS is turned on via the Plugins area of the admin area.

If you will be shipping internationally, we recommended activating USPS with another carrier (UPS and/or FedEx). If you do not want to offer UPS and/or FedEx as your international rate(s) provider, you can use an International flat rate option,

If the USPS is enabled, the application will query the USPS domestic rate server with the total order weight and return the available rates based on the order’s shipping address or alternate shipping address distance from the shipping origin specified on the shipping configuration screen in the web-based admin. Returned rates from USPS can be marked up to adjust from the returned rate(s) to the actual rate(s) that you will be paying to USPS to ship the package. (Mark up value is dollar-amount not percentage. Contact Site Store Pro support if you required % based markup.)

To use the USPS Domestic Rate Calculater API, you must register for USPS Web Tools account and get a USPS UserID number. Register for a USPS Web Tools Account here.

After you have received your USPS UserID, enter it in the USPS User ID field in the USPS plugin settings. Note: You must use request USPS to set your account to their “Production Server” after receiving your UserID. By default, your Web Tools account will be set in test-mode and will not return all rate types. Copy and paste the info below into an email and sent it to [email protected] with the subject line:
WebTools Production Server Account Activation
Replace [Your USPS UserID] with your actual WebTools User ID before sending the email to USPS.
Please set my USPS WebTools account to Production Server Mode. Below is my account info:

- What API are you trying to access = Domestic Rates API (Rate Calculator)
- Are you using a third party shopping cart = Yes
- Name of shopping cart = Site Store Pro
- Web Tools username = [Your USPS User ID]