Store Home Page Setup

If you are using the sample store included with Site Store Pro as the starting point for your website, the home page of the website is /index.php for the PHP version and the “home page” of the online store area is /store/

If you are adding Site Store Pro to an existing website, your root website home page may be named something besides default.php or index.php such as index.html, default.html, index.php or home.php.

Many designers and developers add Site Store Pro to existing websites and link to the online store area (/store/) from their current home page and existing web pages.

Setting up the sample store's dynamic home page features (/index.php) and the online store area "home page" features (/store/index.php is accomplished by logging into the web-based admin system, clicking on the  ‘Store Setup’ tab and then the ‘Store URL (Website Address) & Default Page Configuration’ link.