Original PHP Cart Platform Will Be Retired On September 1st, 2021

Due to security, compliance and underwriting requirements, the original Site Store Pro PHP cart platform, which was replaced over 6 years ago in January 2015 with the current API-mysqli based PHP cart platform, will be officially retired on September 1st. If you are still running a version of the shopping cart that does not end with an "i", you will need to upgrade/convert your installation prior to 9/01/2021. (You can check your current version by logging into your admin and looking at the footer.) Important Note: Your site will continue to operate after 9/1/2021 with the old cart version but there will no longer be any updates available for that platform. If you are running the current API (mysqli) PHP platform of the Site Store Pro shopping cart, no action is required.  However, if not already completed, you should upgrade your API based cart installation(s) to the latest cart version for the most up-to-date security patches, new features and PHP 8+ compatibility. If you need more information on the retirement of the original PHP Site Store Pro cart and/or assistance converting your install over to the latest version, please contact [email protected]. Below are some posts about the current Site Store Pro PHP API shopping cart platform for additional reference: https://www.sitestorepro.com/new-api-version-of-site-store-pro-posted/ (January 12, 2015) https://www.sitestorepro.com/upgrading-past-php-cart-installs-to-the-new-api-platform/ (February 1, 2015) https://www.sitestorepro.com/37th-release-posted/ (April 30, 2016) https://www.sitestorepro.com/site-store-pro-is-php-8-compatible/ (December 3, 2020) The complete release history of the Site Store Pro shopping cart is available at: https://www.sitestorepro.com/release-history/