Collections Management

Products collections are the 3rd hierarchical organizational level for items in the store (main category  > subcategory > collection).  For a detailed explanation and examples of the three category levels, click here.

If your store requires additional “drill-down” organization, the shop-by-style and shop-by-occasion features can be used for 2 more sub-levels.

Collections are a global product feature and can be assigned to any item in the store.

Collections are not required to use add products into the system or use the online store.

Each collection is associated with a sub-category. When adding a new collection to the system it is easiest to click on the sub-category that will be the “parent” category and then click on the ‘(+) Add A Collection To This SubCategory’ link.

Collection records added to the system can be associated (assigned) to any item using the product manager.

The direct URL for any Collection record can be viewed as the ‘Menu Link’ on the collection landing page. This URL can be used to build custom menu systems, ad banner links and email links.

You can test/view products that have been associated with a Collection by clicking on the ‘View Store Display’ next to the Menu Link.

Below is a sample screen shot of a section of the Collection add/update form showing how the main category/subcategory “parent” levels can be assigned to a specific collection record: