How does the online store (catalog) work?

The Site Store Pro ecommerce system includes a searchable online catalog that gives the site user several ways of finding their desired products and purchasing them through the website. The basic path a user will follow when purchasing items through your online store is:

1) User Visits The Site Home Page

2) User Visits The Store Home Page

3a) User Clicks On A Left Menu Link To Display Specific Section Or Category Of Store


3b)User Clicks On Featured Item  / Special Item

3c) User Searches For Item For Search Bar

4) User Views Specific Product (Item) Details

5) User Adds Item To Shopping Cart By Clicking The Add-To-Cart Button

6) User Continues Shopping Or Starts Checkout Process

The Site Store Pro online catalog includes the following default configuration (pages):

·         The Main Store Entry Page : The main store page located at /store/default.php is where the user typically will start their shopping session. This page can display FEATURED items as well as SPECIAL items. By default, this page includes a left-menu system that has links to display various item types (by category, by price, etc)

·         The Store Results Page : The store results page located at /store/store_results.php will be displayed if the site user clicks on a left menu link, uses the search page to perform an item(s) search or uses the quick search bar to perform on item search.

·         The Item View (Details) Page : The item details page located at /store/item_view.php shows all of the specific information related to the selected item as well as any options that have been setup for that item.

·   The Shopping Cart Display Page: The shopping cart display page located at /store/shopping_cart.php shows the current items that have been saved for possible purchase. The user can review the items and then either continue shopping, remove item(s) from the cart or proceed to the order checkout process.