User Account Verification Settings

When a user registers for an account on the website (online store), they can be automatically verified, manually verified by an administrator or required to activate their email for account verification. Customers cannot purchase items on the store unless they are verified. By default, retail customers are automatically verified after registering for an account and wholesale customer require manual verification by an administrator. The registration verification settings are managed by clicking on the ‘Store Setup’ tab and then the ‘User Registration Configuration & Content (Retail | Wholesale)’ link in the User Registration Setup section. The ‘Registration Form Content Manager’ (builder) is also accessed from this screen. The Registration Form content manager gives the admin the ability to build and manage complete registration forms without any custom programming. The online store can have separate registration forms for retail users, wholesale users and event-only registrations. The default registration type is Retail. This is the form that will be displayed to the user when they purchase items or register for access to the My Account Area. If the ‘Use Same Registration For Both Products & Events’ checkbox is turned off, the Event Registration Form will be displayed if a customer is placing an order for an event only. This form will not be displayed if there are products and events in the same order (shopping cart) or if the ‘Use Same Registration For Both Products & Events’ is turned on. The Event Registration form and the Event Shopping Cart Display can be combined to provide a unique user experience for online event registrations. The sample store does not include a link to the wholesale registration form. To link to the wholesale registration form, simply append the ‘?wholesale=yes’ string on the end of the link (URL) to the customer manager page link (example: /myaccount/customer_manager.php?wholesale=yes). If wholesale=yes is appended to the customer_manager.php page link, the page will automatically display the wholesale registration form content. The Registration Configuration screen also contains link to add custom form elements to any of the registration types. The following elements are be added to the registration forms to collect information from the customer and/or build a user “questionnaire”. Registration Form Checkboxes Registration Form Listmenus Registration Form Radio Groups Custom text input form fields and text input form areas are configured on the registration form manager. Using the registration form manager with the custom checkboxes, listmenus and radio groups, gives the admin to build advanced, data validated forms for even the most complex site registration scenarios. All registration types and form features can be ‘previewed’ and tested using the ‘Preview’ icon after making changes using the Registration Form Manager.