Wholesale and Retail User Types

Site Store Pro supports both regular (retail) and wholesale customer (user) types. Both user types must be verified (set as “active”) before being able to complete purchases on the website. By default, retail users are automatically verified after completing the registration process and wholesale users require manual account verification from the administrator. Wholesale users not only must be verified but they also must be logged-in to the store before being able to view wholesale prices on the website. This is to prevent non-wholesale users from receiving wholesale pricing on store items.  We recommend not auto-verifying wholesale user types and manually verifying wholesale account registrations. All users, including non-registered users, can view regular (retail) prices on the website at anytime. The following options can be controlled via the admin for account registration / verification

·         If A Email Confirmation Message Is Automatically Sent To User

·         If The Account Is Automatically Verified (Set As Active)

·         If The Email Must Be Authenticated Prior To Verification (Email Activation)

The account verification settings (preferences) above are controlled via the ‘User Registration Configuration’ screen in the admin. Site Store Pro supports separate retail and wholesale registration forms to present specific content for each user type. The sample store does not include a link to the wholesale registration form. To link to the wholesale registration form, simply append the ‘?wholesale=yes’ string on the end of the link (URL) to the customer manager page link (example: /myaccount/customer_manager.php?wholesale=yes). If wholesale=yes is appended to the customer_manager.php page link, the page will automatically display the wholesale registration form content. The default registration form that will be displayed to users when registering for an account or completing a purchase online is the RETAIL registration form. Account Registration Emails are configured via the web-based admin under the Emails Manager.