Rewards (Affiliates) Program Overview

Site Store Pro includes a full-featured rewards (affiliate) program that allows registered users to place image banners on their website(s), blog(s) or social media page(s) such as Facebook and MySpace and then generate affiliate revenues when people click on their “ads” and complete a purchase through the online store.

The Rewards program is completely managed through the web-based admin system and includes an unlimited number of levels. Levels can be configured to apply different percentages of sales to different rewards members.

When a user registers to become an affiliate member, they are automatically assigned to the default rewards program level. However, the admin may assign a rewards member to a higher level by editing their customer profile when they reach a certain revenues threshold or if they are a “preferred” user.

Payments made for accrued rewards revenues are entered in the web-based payment manager and the rewards member can receive an email notification when a payment is mailed. (Check disbursement and mailing (actual payment) is not handling through the system, only payment recording and history).

The rewards member can login to their account manager at anytime to see the status of their affiliate stats including number of ad click throughs, completed rewards purchases, current rewards program level, total revenues earned and rewards payment history.

The site admin can upload ad images through the web-based admin and the HTML code that the rewards member will use to display the affiliate link(s) is automatically generated and displayed in their account manager as a copy and paste HTML "snippet".

The rewards program must be turned on in the web-based admin. The rewards program registration (join) page is located at /myaccount/rewards.php.

The rewards registration page content is controlled through the web-based admin manager.