Auto-Generated Email Messages (Types)

The following email message types are generated by the shopping cart or store admin and managed completely through the web-based admin system in the ‘Emails’ section. (Click on type for corresponding feature information.)

Email Message Type



 Sent when a user submit a tell-a-friend request on a product display page.

Customer Registration Retail

Sent after a user registers for a retail account by submitting the myaccount/customer_manager.php form.

Customer Registration Wholesale

Sent after a user registers for a wholesale account by submitting the /myaccount/customer_manager.php?wholesale=on form.

Registration Activation Message

Sent after a user registers online but they are required to verify their email address by responding to an activation message.

Forget My Password Reminder

Sent when a user submits the “Forgot Password” form.

Order Confirmation

Sent after a user completes an online order.

Order Shipped

Sent when the ADMIN marks an ORDER as completed and chooses to send a shipment confirmation.

Order / Download Reminder Message

Sent when the ADMIN sends an order reminder message to the user from the order status update form.

Rewards Email Confirmation

Sent after a user registers for the rewards (affiliate) program.

Rewards Payment Notification

Sent after the ADMIN enters a payment for the user’s accrued rewards revenues.

Admin Inventory Alert

Sent when an item reaches inventory alert status.

Custom Message

Sent by the ADMIN to individual customers on their profile page or to the complete retail, wholesale or both retail and whole registered customer list(s).

Below is a screen shot of the ‘Emails’ message manager in the web-based admin. To edit a specific email, click on the specific message type on this screen and then the ‘Edit Profile’ link when the preview screen of the selected message loads.