New Site Store Pro and WP Cart Pro Shopping Carts Posted!

We have posted the new version of the Site Store Pro and WPCartPro shopping carts. The August 2022 release is our biggest release in over 5 years and contains tons of new features and a completely new and expanded WPCartPro WordPress shopping cart! Automated Database Install Now Included In All Versions! The database installation for new store installs is now completely automated and you can select if you want a clean store install or a demo store install directly from your browser during the cart activation. You no longer have to connect to your database server using a tool such as NaviCat or PHPMyAdmin to install the correct database file (clean or demo). In addition to the automated database install, the entire installation and activation process has been streamlined and we have updated both the WPCartPro and Site Store Pro Install Guides with the new, simple install sequence. View New Site Store Pro Install Guide (PDF) View New WPCartPro Install Guide (PDF) We also included a shortcodes "Quick Reference" guide in the WordPress cart to help developers quickly customize their WordPress site with WPCartPro.  The shortcodes reference is available as a new menu items on the WPCartPro plugin and it opens directly inside of WordPress. View WP Cart Pro Shortcode Quick Reference Guide (PDF) Below are the new and updated features for the August 2022 (2.2208) Release:
  • New Quick View Item Popup -  Cleaner Display (FlexBox CSS) that is not dependent on bootstrap. Item Quick View Modal window can now be triggered for individual items from anywhere on the site on both Site Store Pro and WPCartPro installs. (instead of only from product search result grids, home page displays and the store default landing page).
  • New Automated Database Installation - No longer need to connect to database and install SQL script manually. The most requested feature addition by designers and developers!
  • New Social Logins plugin included for all platforms.  The Social Logins plugins allows the user to login their with Google, Twitter and Facebook accounts to bypass the user account registration and therefore increase order conversions.
  • New customer registration feature to activate a minimal "quick" account registration form (name and email only) that overrides the required field settings such as address, city, and country. Will automatically prompt user for the shipping address information if required.
  • New Guest user alert on /myaccount/ page. Instead of automatically logging guest users off the site and redirecting them to a login page, it alerts them that they are guest user only and must register for a full, password protected user account to access the myaccount area. Also, gives the guest user the option of returning to the order checkout area
  • New WPCartPro Wordpress shopping cart features including home page items display with quick-view add-to-cart features, home page items carousel, sliding cart display, /myaccount/ area display, categories display and more.
  • Modified Store Default Display (/store/index.php) and CSS file with <h2> tags on section headers
  • Modified tell-a-friend form processing code to prevent STMP server rejections for non-verified "from" email address.
  • Modified Dashboard Yearly Sales Graph to auto-populate current year sales data (in case install is not updated from previous year)
  • Modifed margin-left width on small devices on store results and item view pages to prevent text alignment/readability issues.
  • Modified (limited) form width on password reset page to prevent formatting issues on some WordPress Themes.
  • Modified system-generated email(s)formatting to display more consistently on small device screens.(order confirmation, registration confirmation, password reset, etc)
  • Modified system-generated email(s) to specify sender 'name' on all email types. (order confirmation, registration confirmation, password reset, etc)
  • Modified shopping cart display page and order review page coupon code field to force limited width for compatibility with some WordPress themes that force all form fields 100% wide.
  • Fixed issue where admin area help system keyword search was not working on PHP 8.1.9
  • Fixed WordPress CSS load issue on store default page where CSS wasn't being loaded on Ajax callback items under specific WordPress configurations.
  • Fixed issue where item qty selector widget would not display on one line in specific WordPress themes.