Recommended Cart Update Posted January 15th, 2018

We have released an interim cart upgrade to fix a potential issue with the Site Store Pro shopping cart and PHP 7.1.x and/or PHP 7.2

If you are running PHP 7.1 or higher or plan on upgrading your PHP version in the near future, we recommended applying this patch to your installation. This patch fixes a potential PHP array error if a custom registration form, custom checkout form or custom product builder form contains a specific setup of form field values and required form field error messages. You may already been running PHP 7.1.x or 7.2 and most likely will not experience the error but we recommend the patch regardless.  We also included a PCI compliance patch (false positive alert fix) and some minor admin area updates in this interim patch as well. This patch only applies to cart versions ending in ("i") which is the mysqli (API-Plugin) version of the PHP shopping cart. If you have upgraded your since May 2016 to version 2.1605-i or 2.1705-i, download the upgrade file below and following the instructions in the README file for upgrading your installation(s). If you are running version 2.1501-i, download the install the upgrade file below and following the instructions in the README file for upgrading your installation(s). Note: this version will not affect any design elements on the installations and is a core code update only. Products displays, CSS formattting, forms and all other front-end elements will not be affected by applying this interim patch. If your version Site Store Pro is prior to January 2015 (does not end with an "i"), you do not need to apply this upgrade since this upgrade is for the mysqli version(s) only and you cannot run cart versions prior to January 2015 on PHP 7+. We do however recommend that you upgrade the older PHP cart to the newer PHP API cart (mysqli) platform for the most features, security and compliance. We have already updated the full version downloads so any new inst or upgrades from the install download files will already contain this patch. If you don't know your Site Store Pro shopping cart version, login to your web-based admin area and your cart version number is listed in the footer. If you need assistance upgrading your Site Store Pro shopping cart installation(s), please submit a support ticket.