Adding (Uploading) Pictures For A Product

Images are uploaded for an item through the ‘Images (Pictures)’ tab on the Product Manager interface.

An unlimited number of pictures can be uploaded for each product or event. All uploaded pictures will appear on the product details page if set as active.

Each uploaded image uploaded with AUTO uploader with be automatically “thumbnailed” with a smaller version of the picture. The thumbnail version will appear in the store search results and auto-generated emails.

The MAX image upload size and the automatic image thumbnail resize dimensions are set via the Item Display Configuration Screen. (Store Setup > Item Display Configuration)

Note: It is highly recommended to always upload the same image “canvas” size (i.e. 500x500 pixels) and set the thumbnail resize dimensions to be a direct ratio of the full-size uploaded image (i.e. 300x300 pixels). This will ensure continuity on the search results display page. You should not upload extremely large images (above 500 pixels wide) because that may “skew” the layout of the product details page. (Note: Large images can be uploaded using the ZOOM (alternate) image feature however and will not skew the details page because they are opened in a popup window)

At least one (1) uploaded picture must be set to ‘Appear In Search Results’. The image that is selected ‘Show In Search Results’ will appear in thumbnail size on the store search results, the shopping cart display page and in auto-generated order confirmation and tell-a-friend emails.

If at least one (1) picture is not set to ‘Show In Search Results’, the item will not appear on the store even if it is set as ACTIVE. (Contact Site Store Pro to allow products to be displayed on the store without any images) . If more than one (1) image is set to appear in search results, the item will appear multiple times in the search results. This can be useful if you want to display different color versions of an item in the search results. However, in most situations, only ONE (1) image should be marked to appear in the search results.

Below is a screen shot of the image upload manager. Single or multiple images may be uploaded at the same time using the Flash upload interface. After uploading the item picture(s), the image(s) properties can be edited to include captions and associated zoom (alternate) views.