Orders Search

Any past (closed) or pending (open) order can be retrieved and viewed using the Order Search feature in the web-based admin.

Customer orders can be searched using the following criteria:

·         Online Order ID # : This is the auto-generated, random order number that is located on the customer’s order confirmation email and order history.

·         Internal Order ID # : This is the auto-generated, sequential order number.

·         Customer ID # : This is the customer’s auto generated, sequential ID number.

·         Customer Last Name: The customer’s last name that they entered when registering for account.

·         Order Status: The current status of the order.

o    Pending | Open

o    Shipped | Closed

o    Refunded

o    Cancelled

·         Order Date Range: The time period when the order was placed.

Below is a screen shot of a sample order search results page: