Discounts Priority Structure

Site Store Pro allows many different types of discounts.  The lists below show the priority sequence of when a specific type of discount is applied to the final price of an item or the final order sub-total.

Individual Item Discount Priority List (Sequence)

·Category/SubCat/Collection (Style) Type Discount

· Item Specific Type Discount

· Special Price Of Item

· Item-Based Quantity Discount

· Wholesale Price Of Item

The list above ONLY applies to individual item prices. Individual item discounts are always processed in sequence with the last applied discount price being the final price of the item.

The final item discount price is NOT a cumulative discount where the price of the item continually lowers until the last discount is reached. Instead, the final price is simply the price that is calculated for the last applied discount. This value may be higher than a previous item discount. For example, everyday wholesale prices are often higher than a special retail price.

Order Sub-Total Discount Priority List (Sequence)

Multiple “complete order” discounts can be applied at the SAME TIME and the final ADJUSTED SUBTOTAL is a CUMULATIVE discount where all valid discounts that meet the specific criteria are applied in sequence and the ORDER SUBTOTAL is reduced each time a new order type is applied.

Complete order discounts (Coupon Codes, Preferred Customer, General Order, New Customer) are applied in the sequence below to the order sub-total after any item-specific order discount(s) have already been applied.

·Coupon Code Type Discount

·General Order Type Discount

·Preferred User Type Discount

·New User Discount

If you do not want multiple order based discounts to be potentially applied to the same order, set your store to only allow order sub-total discounts “One At A Time” in the discounts configuration screen