User Account Overview

When customer(s) want to make a purchase (checkout) on the website and/or access the password-protected ‘My Account’ area of the website, they must first complete the account registration process. Site Store Pro supports both retail and wholesale account types and the registration process can be custom-tailored for each account type through the web-based admin without any custom programming. Once registered, a user (customer) can complete purchases without having to re-enter their shipping information and can also access their account history, product downloads and saved wish lists through their account manager (My Account Area) When a customer registers for an account, they can automatically receive an email confirmation of their account registration or the admin can require the user to verify their account through an email activation process. The user registration form(s) are completely controlled through the web-based content using the registration forms content manager. All content that appear on the account registration form can be customized with any custom programming including the following elements:

·         Registration Form Header Images

·         Registration Form Instructions

·         Registration Field Labels and Required Fields

·         Custom Form List Menus

·         Custom Form Checkboxes entries

·         Custom Form Radio Groups

·         Custom Form Field Entry Fields

·         Account Registration Confirmation Message(s)

·         Account Activation Confirmation Message

Using the registration form content manager, the admin can create custom form elements including user registration questions, etc. All elements on the forms can be mark as required or non-required. Although the text and element content is controlled via the web-based admin, the formatting, fonts and layout of the registration form(s) is controlled via the site_store_pro_customer.css file