Custom Lists & Data Entry Fields

When adding products to your online store you may need to include custom lists and entry fields that allow the customer to select from pre-defined choices or enter answers/responses to questions about the product.

Unlike colors, sizes and materials, custom lists and custom fields are SPECIFIC for each item and are not available as global options for every product in the system. When adding custom lists or custom fields to an item, those options will only be viewable and applied to that specific item.

Custom lists and custom entry fields are added to the item AFTER you initially add the item to the system inside the web-based admin.

The custom list and custom field options are shown as tabs on the product manager when editing an existing item in the admin.

You can add up to two (2) custom lists per item and up to ten (10) custom entry fields per item.

Custom lists and entry fields can be added to ANY item type (ship product, download item, event, etc.).

Common scenarios when you would use CUSTOM LISTS are:


·         When adding a custom option to an item where the customer must choose between different configurations of the same base product.

·          When an item must include an additional “selectable” characteristic that would not fall under the size, color or material feature-set that is already ‘built-into’ the web-based admin.

Common scenarios when you would use CUSTOM FIELDS are:


·         Item requires user input to be properly processed after purchase. Example: Name Tag Entry Field on event registration.

·         Item requires specific data that will be included on final product configuration. Example; Multiple Line Engraving. (Note; Site Store Pro has a built-in item personalization option that can be used for single line engraving without adding custom fields)


Note: If you will be selling downloadable items and would like to give the customer the option to either download the item, or download the item and receive a shipped copy , use the DOWNLOAD & SHIP feature of Site Store Pro instead of adding these item choices as a custom list.